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A LinkedIn Marketing Strategy for Insurance Producers

LinkedIn is a powerful business tool, especially when used correctly. What does “correctly” mean? In this case, we’ll look at how “correctly” means utilizing LinkedIn to sell insurance.

A LinkedIn Marketing Strategy for Insurance Producers

Engage and Connect in Your Areas of Specialty
If you’re a producer at an independent agency, chances are that you have areas you specialize in writing. Make sure you’re connecting with the influencers in those areas on LinkedIn. Follow them, comment on their posts, share their content, and just try to engage in a meaningful way. DO NOT add them and then immediately send them a message. Give it some time. Then, when you’ve built up some interaction with them, message them asking for advice. Things like - What are the best books they’ve read? What are some of the key resources they’d recommend to learn more about their industry. Quite frankly, play to their ego - but be authentic. This should be advice that will actually help you.

Share Content That Will Help Those in Your Specialties
Want people to care about your posts? Share news, articles, and your own content from a perspective of, “Will my clients and prospects be interested in this?” I hate to tell you, but sharing that you just completed a large sale or closed an account because of your “agency’s resources” is not going to move the needle.

Be a Connector
Have people in your network looking for jobs, suggestions, and/or recommendations? Introduce them to one of your other connections. Be a referral source. I guarantee it will lead to others referring you. Hell, many people appreciate it so much they go out of their way to refer you. The ones that don’t? Those are the ones to re-evaluate your business relationship with.

Use It
We’re all busy. Some of the most successful producers I know are also the hardest workers, but yet many of them make time to use LinkedIn. And when I say “use it”, I mean actually interact, engage, connect, and post. That’s how get yourself in the “algorithm” and build a network.

Need help with your LinkedIn sales strategy? Reach out and we’ll have a call without cost or obligation. Want something more in-depth? We have provided producer sales training that combines the sales funnel with the marketing funnel. Learn more by contacting Daniel Smith at 423.503.0388 or

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