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Agency Marketing 101

Insurance agents often ask about the easiest things they can do at their agency to improve their marketing. Here are seven things you can start on today that will enhance your agency’s brand:

Agency Marketing 101

1. Claim and Update Your Google Listing.
When someone Googles your agency, what do they find? Hopefully your website, but they will also see your Google profile in search results. Google My Business lets you update your address, link it to Google Maps, add photos, write descriptions and more. There is a free account to set it up, and you can add offers, direct call links and receive analytics. Every business should have this in place.

2. Hold Your Social Media Platform Names.
Whether you plan to use them now or not, you need to hold your brand pages on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Sign up for account names that represent your brand as closely as possible but are also easy to identify (e.g. Stewart Insurance Agency @StewartIns). Then complete the profile section of each account with a bio and the proper contact info. Make sure you have “Pages” on Facebook and LinkedIn, and not individual accounts. On Instagram, make sure you’re classified as a business account so you see more data on your traffic.

3. Make Sure Your Carrier Pages Are Correct.
If your carriers have “find an agent” maps, web pages or even specific sites for their appointed agents. Make sure the name, address and info is correct. Many times we look at these results and see agents without the correct DBA or listed at an old address.

4. Have Your Staff Utilize Your Brand.
It is likely that your staff is on LinkedIn and/or other social platforms. Give them guidance on how to promote and represent your agency brand. Develop consistent “about” language and use a profile background image that is branded to your agency.

5. Your Email Signature is a Marketing Tool.
Whether is is upselling, cross-selling or just agency promotion, your email signature should be a marketing piece. Utilize staff headshots, social links (when appropriate) and calls-to-action (e.g. Ask us about a Personal Umbrella Policy) to prompt conversations.

6. Do Some Simple ROI Tracking.
Phone skills are a whole different area of your customer experience, but at least one piece you can easily add is asking where prospects found you. Are they referrals, as traffic, Google traffic, etc.? Find out, and then better allocate your resources moving forward. Get most of your business from referrals? Great, you should definitely…

7. Capture Testimonials.
Got clients that love you and promote you? Outstanding. Why not promote that? Get written and/or video testimonials that they agree to let you utilize in your marketing materials. It will be content you can repurpose in many ways and gives prospects reassurance in your capabilities.

There are many more easy steps you can take with your marketing to get things off the ground. Contact Daniel Smith at 423.503.0388 or for a free consultation on how you can begin to consistently promote your agency brand.

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