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An AI Wrote This Article (and is Watching You Read It)

A client was recently telling me about a new artificial intelligence (AI) program that writes content. They are interested in using the program to churn out more copy for their site as they continue to build SEO. I asked them if they felt the program actually wrote copy that was informative and had personality, and they said, “our tests so far have been good.”

An AI Wrote This Article (and is Watching You Read It)

I was curious, so I did research on my own about the specific AI they mentioned. What did I find? It writes good copy. Better than what a lot of companies are writing. Does it have personality? Kind of. Is it conversational? Not really. It’s good, it’s just not great. Do you have to have great copy? Not unless you want to stand out. Will it help with SEO? Yes, unless and until Google changes their algorithm to adjust for it.

If your marketing strategy includes scaling content, it’s probably worth looking into. But you still have to manage it. It requires initial input to start the process, and it obviously still requires someone to “approve it.” There wasn’t much info available on whether or not it will adapt a style for you over time, but I’d have to assume that is part of their “machine learning” process.

So if the question is, “does it work?” I’d say yes if your goal is to stack content for SEO. I’d say no if your goal is to build your brand and reputational value through what you publish. And there’s nothing wrong with having those as separate objectives. But if you want to do both, you must generate content that differentiates you from the competition, and you must do it frequently.

I’m sure AI will get there someday (maybe soon), but for now I think there’s still a ways to go. And hopefully the machines let me publish this article…

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