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Do You Have a Plan?

It goes without saying at this point, but we live in a different world than we did in January of 2020. Where we work, how we work, how we communicate, and how we engage is different. It will probably never be the same again. How have you adapted? How will you continue to adapt? These are hopefully questions your business has discussed and you may have a strategy, plans, and/or ideas in most areas. But what about marketing? Let’s look at the questions that can help you build a marketing plan.

Do You Have a Plan?

Who Are You Trying to Reach?
Knowing your target audience is critical to your marketing plan. Your target audience should be made up of your stakeholders, current clients/members, and your prospects. If you don’t have this data compiled, now would be a good time to start. The more information you can gather on them the better. Email, address, and phone are obvious, but why about other demographics like age, income, or interests. Those can help you segment marketing campaigns.

What Do They Want to Know?
Once you know who your audience is, determine what they want to know about your company. I hate to tell you, but what they care about is rarely the same as what you want them to care about. Help them develop interest by focusing on their goals for engagement first, then add in some of the keys you want to showcase.

Where Are They?
Where is your audience likely to see your info? Are they on social media? If they’re mostly under 50 the answer is “yes”. Are they online and using search engines? Of course. Are they using their mobile phone for searches, email, text, etc.? Almost absolutely the answer is yes. So, are you building content to reach them in these locations? Content building is key to market ANY BUSINESS nowadays. I don’t care what your cause, product, or service is - you can and should build content around it.

What’s Your Content Strategy?
Know that you’ve answered the above, it’s time to grow it and plan. Decisions (and dollars) on paid vs/and organic marketing, photo and written content, web and SEO, and more need to be made. Then you must develop the content along those lines, implement it, and track the results. Then, if needed, adjust.

Need help building your plan? We can get you started or take you all the way though it. Contact Daniel Smith at 423.503.0388 or and let’s get moving!

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