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Everyone is Talking About Threads. Here's What We Think You Oughta Know.

Meta unspooled Threads this week and tens of millions have joined the social platform

Everyone is Talking About Threads. Here's What We Think You Oughta Know.

The day has arrived: Threads went live this week! The new "Twitter Killer" from Facebook/Instagram (Meta) is available for download in app stores and already has 80 million users as of this writing.

What is Threads? Why join? Why not? Here are a few things to know and consider:

⏩ Threads mimics Twitter's style of text, images, and "in-thread" responses to conversations

⏩ If you have an Instagram account, you can transfer your username and followers to Threads, allowing you to hold your branding. (Genius move to allow users to bring over existing users instead of forcing them to start from scratch.)

⏩ Twitter's usage and ad sales were both down around 60% as of June, and a turnaround does not appear to be on the horizon

⏩ Reddit's API changes have resulted in content blackouts, draining another area of conversational social interaction now in search of an outlet

⏩ Currently, there's no way to delete your Threads account without deleting your Instagram account along with it. You can, however, deactivate your Threads account without impacting Insta.

⏩ Does “conversational social” have staying power?

⏩ Twitter is threatening lawsuits against Meta, claiming it is a “copycat” app. Copycatting has worked for Meta in the past with Instagram Stories (its stories "disappear" like snaps in Snapchat) and Reels (created to compete with the creative abilities of TikTok).

⏩ Will ads and sponsored posts overrun the early excitement of users?

So, should your brand be on Threads? Our answer would be – why not? Having your Instagram base built-in is a huge draw. What should your content strategy be for Threads? That remains to be seen, but the early aim would be to get people talking.

If we can be of service or answer questions about Threads or any other queries, click that Contact link at the top of the page and we'll get back to you shortly.

Thread safely.

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