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I Don't Get It

Marketing is not a concept most people understand. It can be hard to grasp a tactic that is “subjective” to so many. But why do big companies allocate so much of their budget to it? Why do small companies grow so quickly when they do it well? Because it works. Good advertising works. Good public relations works. Good marketing works.

I Don't Get It

Are you putting in the time, money, and work on your business’s marketing? If not, it’s not working. Being a great salesperson is an amazing skill. Being knowledgeable in your industry is an amazing skill. Having a product/solution is an amazing thing. But if you want to scale, you must market what you do and what you know. Where do you styart? By engaging your clients and prospects. How? Answer this question - what will they care about that we do? That’s the answer to focus on. Not what you want them to know - but what they want to know. Then build form there.

Sound easy? Great, get to work. Sound hard? It can be. Let us help you. Contact Daniel Smith at 423.503.0388 or and we’ll get to work with you and for you.

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