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I Want More Followers

Businesses want more followers for their pages, and we can’t blame them. In fact, even with amazing content, the real way to increase your views and engagement is to have more followers. So, how do you do it?

I Want More Followers

Outbound Social
Want people or other businesses to follow you on social? Start by following them. That’s your most likely path to get them in your audience. Another method - ask them. Ask them on your website and in your emails. Ask them during your “point of sale”. It will have an impact.

Post More of What They Want
Give the people what they want and you will see a response. What do they want? Find out by having a content testing strategy. Post what you think is your best educational, promotional, cultural, etc. content and see what response you get. Try different times of day and different styles (video, stories, etc.). This is how you will learn, and as a result, how your audience will grow.

Post More. Period.
Want to beat the algorithm games? Post more. Don’t leave your content strategy behind, but post more of it. Businesses with less than 2,000 followers should be posting 3-4 times per week in the feed, and adding stories, reels, etc. as they go.

Give Them Other Reasons
Want to reach those “hard to add” followers. Have contests or giveaways that appeal to them. If you’re a business that sells goods, give them your own merchandise or special offerings. If you offer a service, tie a giveaway into an event or an experience around the company or organization.

All of these strategies can help, but they have to be driven by a strategy. If you don’t have one, reach out and we’ll help you build one. Contact Daniel Smith at 423.503.0388 or to get started!

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