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Market Retrievers Adds Blankenship as Partner; Wheeler Elevated to VP Role

Market Retrievers – a digital marketing agency based in Nashville – has announced the addition of Jon Blankenship as a partner at the firm, and the new role for co-founder Abby Wheeler as Vice President of Marketing Campaigns.

Market Retrievers Adds Blankenship as Partner; Wheeler Elevated to VP Role

Blankenship has spent his career developing digital marketing initiatives for higher education, fundraising efforts, media companies, and donor engagement campaigns. He has a background in content development, web design, email marketing, and analytics. In his role as Vice President of Strategy, he will be responsible for helping the agency’s clients form an overall marketing and content plan and coordinating the deployment of those plans.

Wheeler co-founded the agency in 2021 and has been in marketing for over five years. She is a content design and implementation expert and has helped brands and organizations increase followers and engagement by exponential amounts in her previous role as Director of Marketing Campaigns. In her new role, she will also help manage the firm’s team of content designers as they develop client deliverables.

Daniel Smith, agency co-founder and CMO said of the changes, “We’ve had an amazing start to our agency, and it is all thanks to our clients and the team we have in place. We felt it was time to invest in the scaling of our company and having Abby and Jon in these new roles will position us extremely well for our growth opportunities.”

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