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Non-profit Storytelling & Social Media

Non-profit organizations have a story to tell. It’s not always the same story, but it’s usually a very good and very compelling story. But often times, they’re not telling it in the most effective way possible. Why not? Because these organizations have limitations of staff capacity and volunteer time - if not resources.

Non-profit Storytelling & Social Media

Social media is critical for this storytelling, so how can a non-profit find balance? Start simple, with these ideas:

A Picture Really is Worth 1,000 Words
Photos don’t take nearly as much time as building other content. Take just a few minutes for photos at events, volunteer functions, board meetings, and staff functions and you’ll have more content than you realized.

Volunteer Support
Have creative volunteers involved in your organization? Have them do a social media “takeover” during an event or fundraising campaign. It will give you an additional “voice” and add to your capacity to post.

Partner with Marketing Pros
Have some of the resources but none of the time? You can always hire someone, but most people that would make a big impact with your content often want big $$$. Or, they’re new to it and will have a steep learning curve. Consider partnering with an agency or hiring a part time expert to get you on the right track. This can give you more value than even just them upgrading your content, it can give you an opportunity to learn.

So what’s the best option for your organization? It will depend, but you must take the first step. Claim all your accounts and try to develop some rhythm to your posting. If you’re ready, start the process to bring someone in-house or to partner with a firm to outsource your content. Need some help thinking it through? We’re always happy to have conversation and give suggestions. Contact Daniel Smith at 423.503.0388 or and let’s talk.

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