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Social Media Marketing With Hashtags: Part 2

As we discussed in Part 1, The biggest reason for using hashtags is for the increased exposure and discovery. Let’s take a deeper dive into hashtags and best practices, especially on Instagram.

Social Media Marketing With Hashtags: Part 2

1. How Many Should be in a Post?
This answer varies year after year, but currently, it’s recommended to use 1-3 hashtags in a caption. If you type more hashtags as the first comment, then up to 30 hashtags is acceptable. However, this is not to say that you should use 30 hashtags for every post. This leads us to the next tip.

2. Add Hashtags to the First Comment
Too many hashtags in a caption can make it look messy. Keep the hashtags minimal in the caption and move more hashtags to a comment. We have a program that can schedule the first comment along with your Instagram post and caption ahead of time. We’ve seen increased engagement with the use of multiple hashtags as the first comment on an Instagram post.

3. What to Hashtag
Include hashtags relevant to your community and industry. Nearly every community and industry has at least one hashtag that’s used within them and many of these hashtags are simple. Make sure you’re following industry leaders and influencers to see what they’re hashtagging as well. Along with these, hashtag your location and topics your audience will be interested in.

4. Days of the Week
One of my favorite ways to connect a hashtag to specific topics is to include a themed hashtag with a day of the week. These include #MondayMotivation, #ThrowbackThursday & #TacoTuesday. This is a fun area to get creative and be intentional with posts.

We’ll make sure to keep everyone up to speed as the hashtag game continues to vary and change along the next few months. Reach out to the Instagram and hashtag queen herself Abby Wheeler to learn more about how we can increase your company’s engagement through social media at or 615-587-7266. #FetchYourTargets

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