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Using Video to Feed the Algorithms

With the rise of TikTok and Instagram Reels, video on social media is more popular than ever before. I remember when Vine, the 6-second video app, first hit the scene and it made a huge splash in the social media world. Making and posting videos for social media seems daunting to some people and that’s understandable – but it’s an almost vital aspect of marketing at this point. Why? Because the algorithms literally depend on it.

Using Video to Feed the Algorithms

Social media platforms usually give an extra boost to new features to encourage adoption - many of which are video related, such as Instagram Reels. This paired with the fact that video holds the attention of the user for a longer amount of time means that video content typically performs best with most algorithms. For example, we recently created a 10-second Instagram Reel for a client featuring short clips and a popular sound from the explore page and the video reached over 5,429 people. Their previous photo posts reach an average of 500 people. The video garnered increased engagement in the form of comments, likes, and shares.

Producing quality video content may be more time consuming than taking a photograph, but once complete, you can use it to reach different audiences across multiple platforms. Whether it be a one-minute informational video on LinkedIn or a 15-second compilation video for Instagram, videos are the moment. Call our video and social media specialist Abby Wheeler at 615-587-7266 or email at to learn how we can help you adopt video in your strategy!

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