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What B2B Companies Miss About Content Marketing

If you’re a company that focuses on business to business sales and service, there’s a good chance you’re not doing enough content marketing. There’s an even better chance that it would be easy for you to build content from your expertise, and as a result drive an organic lead source. Here’s how.

What B2B Companies Miss About Content Marketing

Show Value.
Unless you’re in a commoditized business, companies want to work with you for the value you’ll bring to their organization. Often times, that value is based on your experience, expertise, access, relationships or a combination of the above. By creating content that shares some of that knowledge, prospects can “test drive” your value.

Passive Selling.
The goal of this type of content is to build organic leads. What’s best way to do that in a sales organization? Don’t come across like you’re selling. Instead, create a share meaningful content that you might normally save for current clients. But don’t give away the farm either...

Have a Clear Call to Action.
A call to action is hugely important in marketing and advertising. “Visit our site,” “Register Now,” and “Call us Today” are basic examples of a call to action. But you want to dive a little deeper with your call to action. Wording like, “Let us help you with this process. Call Daniel at 423.503.0388 for more insight,” can help you soft sell the next step. Want an even softer approach? Ask them to subscribe to your blog, email list and/or follow social media accounts. Then use the data you gather to follow warm leads.

Deliver Content to the Right Targets.
Having great content is useless if no one sees it, and SEO strategies only work over long periods of time. You need to build your audience quickly with social, email and digital ad campaigns to target your niche(s). You know who you’re looking for, and the right campaigns will make them easy to find.

Building a strong and consistent strategy based on the above is guaranteed to pay dividends for your business. Want to know more? Let us help you with this process. Call Daniel at 423.503.0388 for more insight.

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