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What Non/Not-for-Profits Miss About Engagement Through Content

If you are a staff leader or volunteer at a trade association, charity or foundation, you know that engagement is key to your growth.

What Non/Not-for-Profits Miss About Engagement Through Content

These organizations often think about engagement in more physically-present terms, such as people attending meetings, classes or fundraisers. And while those are great measures of engagement, we all know after 2020 that it can’t be the only source of engagement. Here are 4 other ways to build engagement that leads to results for your organization.

Social Media That Provides Value.
Your organization probably has social media accounts, but are they adding or taking away from your followers feeds? Too often I see organizations that post what they want their followers to see, instead of what their followers want to see. What do they want? It depends on the audience and channel, but it is typically going to be driven by human interest posts. Let people know who your volunteers are, and why they’re involved. Let people know why your cause or mission is important and who it affects. Let people know what they’re missing if they don’t attend your events. That will drive value.

Build Actual Content.
Write articles, post testimonials, produce videos and record podcasts that focus on your mission in a conversational and interesting style. And do it consistently. Not seeing results after a couple of months? It would be more surprising if you did. Build it and give it time to grow, and then one day the “ah-ha” moment will happen.

Work Backwards From Your Goals.
Want to increase fundraising? Post content that shows the value and impact of those funds. Then people will more naturally want to give. Want people to attend your convention? Post testimonials of people who found value in your conventions in the past. Post photos and videos of people enjoying it, learning from it and/or succeeding as a result of it. Give people “FOMO” at every turn.

Clear Calls-to-Action.
The content focuses on the “why,” but there has to a “how” as well. Give your audience an organic flow of liking what they see and then doing something about it. Build landing pages with content AND forms. Don’t just send them to a registration page or a donation page - reiterate the value. That will help prevent the “cart abandonment” factor.

Creating content takes time and talent, but it leads to results. If your organization needs help getting started, developing a plan or implementing a plan - please contact Daniel Smith at or call 423.503.0388.

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